a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Playing LJ catchup!

My, the folks I have on my friends list are a prolific bunch! It's taken me the better part of the day (in between the inconvenience of actually working) to get through the weekend posts.

I stayed off the computer, mostly, this weekend. Saturday I worked on my room, scraping and sanding and scrubbing, for somewhere around 12 hours. Went to bed around 4am Sunday.

Woke up around 1pm Sunday with a migraine, which lasted until well after dark. Ugh. So not only did I not get any more work done, I also didn't make it back to NYC last night. Ah well.

And OMG am I SORE! Everything hurts. My hands hurt. The backs of my thighs hurt. Bottoms of my feet hurt. Shoulders hurt. On the bright side, my head feels better.

Had a moment of panic before heading off to bed Sunday morning...while out in the back yard pulling weeds I was stung, presumably by mosquitos, multiple times. No biggie, got welts as usual, forgot about it & went back to scraping. Upon bathing the plaster dust off, I noticed that each of the bites had turned into a bullseye shape. Now, I know that I was not bitten by ticks (having had that happen often enough as a child to be certain), and pretty darned certain it also was not brown recluse spiders (as all the bites occurred within about 10 minutes before I scurried back into the house).

steanne did a quick internet search, and we determined that I also was not a victim of cutaneous anthrax or malaria. Yesterday on waking, they were back to being simple welts, and now they itch like hell. Typical of me with mosquito bites, except they perhaps itch a bit more than the usual.

So, that was my exciting weekend. Sweat, pain, itching and panic. How'd everyone else do?
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