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My Dreams Coming True

For quite some time now, it has been my goal to create and/or support a meme, a way of thinking and living, that focuses americans and the world away from the consumerist and materialistic and governmental, and onto building communities that support themselves and their members. This goal is one of the reasons I'm about to make a radical change in lifestyle. It's the reason I seek out capable minions and flunkies. It is the end for which my means are intended.

Unfortunately, I'm not the sort of tireless, self-sacrificing person who can put all of my waking and sleeping efforts into the cause. It's a slow process...I have many wonderful (I think) ideas for how to make the concept work, how to teach people to live differently successfully, etc...and I'll get them all working in time. Not only do they require time, they require $$, and so part (much) of my energy is diverted to the aquisition of income. The good news is this: there are a number of recent movements? events? somethings...that tie in directly with the ideal I'm working toward. It looks like I'm not the only one.

Free Wireless Networking: This is a concept that's been around for a few years now...but the people working on it have recently gotten the sort of 'critical momentum' for the project that any cause needs to survive and succeed. The basic idea (as I see it, anyway) is that there are tons of network resources being underused right now by individuals, businesses, etc. Resources that no one company or person ever can use, in fact, even if they worked at it night and day. So some enterprising geeks decided to make the resources useful...to everyone. It doesn't harm the use of the resources by the original users, and in fact is putting a back-up system in place for when disaster strikes. I don't know a lot about the history (New York may have spear-headed the movement, I'm not sure), but what it's become is a way for people to stay connected, in sometimes odd places, free. It's a wonderful thing, and as soon as I get to Philly I'd like to start working with the folks there regarding setting up nodes.

Free Geek: This is an organization based in Portland, Oregon. They recycle used computers...but with some wonderful twists. They clean the machines up, refurbish/salvage them, load Gnu/Linux on them and make them available to members, free. Then they teach the member how to use the machine. They also help sponsor free wireless access points in Portland. To become a member, you sign up (there is a waiting list), and then provide community service (to the Free Geek org) in exchange for your equipment. There's a limit of one pc/printer combo to be gained this way...if you continue to help out after that, you become a Free Geek volunteer. I'd love to see this concept spread to other cities and towns.

All of the above groups gratefully accept donations (and not just of $$), if you are so moved

Finally, one of my closest-held dreams: A community (in this case a church community) helping members get out of credit card dependency/debt. Story here. It's isolated at the moment, but I see no reason for the concept not to spread.

There are good things happening in the world, alongside the horrors.
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