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Oh, the human- uh...chickenity!

I have a lot of interest in animals, and so quite a bit of interest in animal rights, such as they are. I've looked at various organizations oriented this way, and I just can't find any that seem rational to me. In fact, I have long been convinced that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is run by a bunch of nitwit loonies (and I don't mean that in the pleasant, moon-oriented way). This only convinces me further.

The full story on the chickens in question. It sounds to me like they're the best-treated chickens in the history of chickens...but PETA's upset because the chickens are "being used". Criminy.

I wonder if any of these PETA folks have ever even met a freaking chicken?

(via Technoerotica)
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