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Silly survey

(swiped from katemonkey)

Fictional character I would...
spend the rest of your life with in perfect bliss:
Tyr Anasazi, from Andromeda, definitely. Or perhaps Sara Pezzini from Witchblade. Mmm...or Xena!
have an emotionally void but wicked hot one-night stand with:
Mulder. Or Krycek, for that matter. Oh, and can't forget Faith. :)
set up with your best friend:
Errm. Most likely Tyr Anasazi. No, that wouldn't cause any conflict. ::grin::
get wasted with:
Jack O'Neill, from Stargate SG-1. I have the feeling it would be a hilarious time. Or Gabriel from Witchblade.
employ as a live-in masseuse:
Again, Tyr Anasazi, from Andromeda. Part of the whole bliss-package, ya know?
use as a human pillow:
Mmm. Teal'c from Stargate. Or Sam from Stargate. Scully, perhaps.
bring home to meet the 'rents:
Um. My parents are used to me bringing home various bizarre entities, in various bizarre relationships to myself. Maybe um...Angel. Heh.
tie up in your basement and kick when you're feeling frustrated:
At the moment, I'd have to say Ian Nottingham from Witchblade. But only if he's talking. Otherwise he'd have to go into one of the other categories.

Wow...it just occurred to me that I could do an entirely different list for fictional book characters, as opposed to fictional TV characters. Perhaps I'll do that later.
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