a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Witchblade, 2nd Season

I've seen a few episodes now, and first and foremost I must say one thing:

Somebody shut Ian the hell up already!

Season 1, I LOOOOVED this character. He's my very favorite sort of fictional character: dark, tortured, mysterious and cryptic (mind you, characters like that in RL invariably annoy me...and were I Sara Pezzini I would long ago have picked him up & shaken him, shrieking "Quit being so damn mysterious & just fucking spit it out already!!" Clearly, I am not a patient woman...but I digress). He never looked anyone quite in the eyes, which was endearing...made me curious.

Now he pontificates. He's turned from the shy-seeming, elusive weirdo to a nonsensical, wild-eyed, always-underfoot madman. He spouts paragraphs of awkward yet poetically phrased hints of story exposition (steanne points out to me that now that Jeremy Irons (no, no no! Kenneth Irons!)is dead, someone has to do the exposition...but I can't help thinking there could have been a better solution). He does random weird things with fire, which makes for a nifty camera trick, but otherwise is utterly useless and just...irrelevant. It's ridiculous. It's annoying. Please, for the love of a good character, shut him up!

I like that Gabriel has begun a tiny bit of flirtation with Sara. He seems so much younger and probably has zero chance with her (not because he's younger. before anyone goes labeling me an ageist, I should say that the last woman I was involved with was -is- 13 years older than me, and I've been enamored of someone ~8 years my junior for...well, I guess it's actually been years now)...but still, it's sweet to see. He has such an innocent demeanor. It's refreshing.

I don't like that Danny (Sara's partner) is having less influence on her life now that he's alive than he was when he was dead...and it seems that somehow they're trying to change Jake over into being her partner without killing Danny off, which not only makes no sense, it makes no...aesthetic.

I really like the strength that Sara is showing this season. First season, she sorta seemed just tough via circumstances, now we're beginning to see that it's a part of her personality.

Much of the camera-work in this series is utterly gorgeous. Of course, it's often irrelevant to the storyline, which makes it distracting...but it's gorgeous.

As much as I liked the first season, and as much as I like parts of the second, this show could easily be ruined for me by Ian talking too much. No, really...it's that much of an issue to me. Let's hope they shut him up soon, and take him back to the intriguing, slightly creepy mystery man he started off as.
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