a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Musical dream

Apparently, I've caught whatever flu-ish illness is going around. Among other things (aches & pains, sore throat, fever), it's giving me restless sleep and strange dreams.

Last night I dreamed that I wrote a song to be performed by Lisa Gerrard & Cheb Mami, with percussive sounds very much like those of Big Pig and a vocal droning chorus that made me think of the Urrus in The Dark Crystal. Damn good stuff, if I do say so m'self.

Then I dreamed that Cake did a remake version of Kim Wilde's Kids in America.

It sounded great. Man, I'm sick.
(silence, you in the peanut gallery! don't make me beat you when i don't feel well!!!)
Tags: dreams, music
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