a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

what?!!!? (or, migraine revelation part 2)

so, how did she jump from here to there?, you may be asking.

good question, and i'll attempt to answer that now.

first, bear with me for some recitation of reasonably accepted facts, both general:

-women are 2-3 times more likely to suffer migraines than men.

-seratonin and epinephrine (our old friend adrenaline) levels are a factor in depression, migraine, ADD/ADHD and nearly countless other disorders.

-many women report that their migraines happen in relation to the menstrual cycle, which suggests a hormonal link...as does the fact that birth control pills often increase the frequency and/or intensity of migraines.

and information specifically related to migraine symptoms (or possibly precursors, at least to the actual pain):


-sensitivity to light

-drowsiness and or insomnia

-impaired concentration

-loss of appetite

-food cravings

-mood swings from depression to euphoria & back...or sometimes just one or the other

okay, so no answers yet, and i need to go do other stuff right now...but there is a LOT of information above (particularly if you follow my links). let me just add, before i take an extended break from this, how pleased i am at the amount of material (reputable, no less) available to link to. even as recently as a couple of years ago, this stuff was almost impossible to find.

i'll be back, eventually, with part 3.
Tags: health/medical, migraine log
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