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Tweets for Today

  • 00:00 New DW Post: Tweets for Today t.co/IPQajZv #
  • 00:16 My latest (purple) hair, for those as wants to see it. #fb t.co/VSPSiAL #
  • 15:52 In a push to stop partisan gridlock in Washington, over 100 CEOs pledge: No campaign donations t.co/Xp7VskC (via @CNNMoney) #fb #
  • 15:52 A Russian cargo shipment to the International Space Station has crashed t.co/UQE774j (via @io9) #fb #
  • 15:53 Today in 1814: Capitol is set on fire by Brits, who were told to "destroy and lay waste": ow.ly/6bmfT (via @amhistorymuseum) #fb #
  • 16:07 Paul Ryan's Office Locks Doors, Bans Cameras, Restricts Parking in Response to Ongoing Sit-in t.co/O2sxhcI (via @AlterNet) #fb #
  • 16:23 I'm a GINK! It's your right to be one, too. t.co/r6Pe1hK (via @rhrealitycheck) #fb #
  • 16:34 Inside the feds' secret program to have US citizens detained/interrogated by foreign governments. t.co/dFIKRsp (via @MotherJones) #fb #
  • 16:34 RELEASE: 51,164 cables now in searchable format! t.co/obiEEsO (via @wikileaks) #fb #
  • 23:35 Taste of things to come: Texas drought to shut down power plants t.co/Vj2hzuH (via @grist) #fb #

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