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migraine revelation part 1

sometime this morning, while i was trying to nod off for a nap (which never happened cause my roommate left & i got online) i had a revelation (several, actually) relating to migraines. as revelations do, this came to me in a WHAM!, rather than a nice neat string of concepts, so i'll try to sort it out into a coherent explanation.

i've had a bit of sinus congestion for the last few days...so i reached for the sudafed this morning. BAM! it hit me that i've been self-medicating for migraine for much of my life, without ever realizing it. i read somewhere (i'll try to dig it up & link it here later) that one of the conditions that happens during a migraine is high histamine levels in the brain...which is why my doc keeps me on a daily allergy med. curiously, one of the body's most common responses to histamines is a stuffed up nose (hence, the key to the revelation).

sudafed is a brand name for a drug called pseudoephedrine (used to combat stuffed up noses, among other things)...which (as you might guess from the name, if you're linguistically oriented at all) imitates ephedrine, a plant chemical that in turn has a strong chemical resemblance to the adrenaline your body makes on it's own.

adrenaline & migraine have a bit of a muzzy relationship (this being only a glimpse thereof), so we'll stop there & come back to that later.

seratonin & migraine also have a bit of a relationship(which is why my doc also has me on a daily antidepressant)...though what kind of relationship, exactly, the medical community still doesn't exactly understand and/or agree on. beta blockers, adrenaline, tyramine (the common link between most so-called 'trigger' foods) & seratonin are also entangled, which only adds to the confusion.

my new theory, simply put, is this: migraine is not itself a condition or illness, but rather a symptom of a much larger illness. further, i suspect that several other 'illnesses' are a part of the same bigger picture...including CFS, ADD/ADHD, many cases of chronic depression and maybe even PMS. At the very least, I think these things are all much more closely related than is currently recognized.

my reasoning for this in my next post.
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