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From Twitter 02-26-2011

  • How a near-bankrupt war vet faced off against one of the more powerful corporations: http://propub.ca/eYpR0D (via @ProPublica) #fb
  • A Fifteenth Century Technopanic About The Horrors Of The Printing Press http://dlvr.it/HdRwM (via @techdirt) #fb
  • Iowa legislature spends time to draft bill prohibiting the display of history in history museum: http://is.gd/U65Ze9 #fb #aclu #taxpayer$
  • Planned P'hood prevents more abortions than any #prolife effort. #prolife laws will increase deaths n women AND babies. (via @TempleCat) #fb
  • RT @gracesway I #walkforchoice because roe v. wade wasn't when women started having abortions, its when they stopped dying from them. #fb
  • 10,000 women died every year from getting back-alley abortions before abortion was legal. #prolife (via @TempleCat) #fb
  • MT @TempleCat #prolife #conservative means forcing women to carry a child to term- then complaining afterwards that they're on welfare. #fb
  • MT @TempleCat #prolife means other people enslave you as a human incubator yet not a single one supports you emotionally or financially. #fb
  • New DW Post: From Twitter 02-25-2011 http://bit.ly/fwMyTe
  • WI cops FTW: "We have been ordered to kick u all out, but we know what's right frm wrong." http://tinyurl.com/64yyf9x (via @BoingBoing) #fb
  • On the eve of the Persian New Year #SoG will bomb the streets of Iran with Flowers 4 Freedom #10Esfand #Iranelection (via @persiankiwi) #fb
  • Tunis police tear-gas protesters: Tunis police tear-gas protestersSource: www.bbc.co.ukFor a second day, secur... http://on.fb.me/eYH60e
  • Overcoming Divide and Conquer Strategies: 99.9% of the US Population Should Support the Public Union: Overcomi... http://on.fb.me/e3NtYO
  • Another Day, Another Conservative Poll With Bad News For Scott Walker: Another Day, Another Conservative Poll ... http://on.fb.me/eFzhAq
  • NYC Uncut's photos - Over 100 people at today's peaceful demonstration! Amazing work, everyone! #unc: NYC Uncu... http://on.fb.me/hGebtv
  • Watch a monstrously prominent solar flare burst out of the Sun: Watch a monstrously prominent solar flare burs... http://on.fb.me/ibuwBo
  • Kidding Around...: Kidding Around...Source: www.theanimalrescues...It's Saturday, so leave the kids at home, a... http://on.fb.me/eaFb19
  • Breaking: Pope Faces International Charges For ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ | The New Civil Rights Move: Breaking... http://on.fb.me/fKWP62
  • BIG MOMENTUM: Stand with 165,000 in solidarity against Wisconsin Gov. Walker's radical proposal and.: BIG MOME... http://on.fb.me/gtz1Jh
  • We Are Wisconsin, Standing Together: We Are Wisconsin, Standing TogetherSource: front.moveon.orgThese are the ... http://on.fb.me/fMresN
  • Confirmed: Union-Bashing Right-Wing Media Stars Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Reilly Are AFL-CIO Union-Aff: Confirme... http://on.fb.me/eoJNZc
  • Koch Whores and Suckers - Know which politicians are working for the Koch Brothers!: Koch Whores and Suckers -... http://on.fb.me/gSwvOZ
  • US Uncut Hits the Streets | The Nation: US Uncut Hits the Streets | The NationSource: www.thenation.comToday, ... http://on.fb.me/fgagMb
  • Tonight's movie: War (Jet Li, 2007) #fb

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