a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

The Joy of Choice

It's amazing how much more pleasurable something can be when you do it out of choice, rather than necessity.

Friday I enjoyed a lovely day lounging around in bed all day, because I could. It was wonderful.

In counterpoint:
Yesterday, I was constrained to bed all day, by a medication-resistant migraine. Getting up involved serious balance issues and nausea, so my only real option was to stay there. Water made me queasy, and eating was out of the question. I couldn't read, I couldn't compute, I could barely sleep. It was not relaxing, it was exhausting.

It eased, finally, in the evening...which thankfully gave me enough time to get to the pharmacy and the grocery stores before they closed. Small blessings, maybe, but much appreciated nonetheless.

Now I'm beginning my 9 day workspree. The good news is that I got my resume out, got most of my clean laundry put away, and cooked for the week last night. Yay me!
Tags: health/medical, migraine log, work
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