a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
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From Twitter 02-13-2011

  • New DW Post: From Twitter 02-12-2011 http://bit.ly/hIrOOT
  • Five Arab Countries That the "Jasmine Revolution" May Spread to Next: Five Arab Countries That the "Jasmine Re... http://on.fb.me/fvBPTs
  • Personal Finance Disclosure | OpenSecrets: Personal Finance Disclosure | OpenSecretsSource: www.opensecrets.or... http://on.fb.me/gTtJUv
  • The Republican War Against Women: The Republican War Against WomenSource: www.huffingtonpost.comTo paraphrase ... http://on.fb.me/eZmPFH
  • "Rich Man's War and a Poor Man's Fight": "Rich Man's War and a Poor Man's Fight"Source: www.truth-out.orgNew U... http://on.fb.me/hbxKZl
  • Nashville Mobile Market & Princess Know It all! | Princess Know It All: Nashville Mobile Market & Princess Kno... http://on.fb.me/goKExZ
  • Italy declares migrant emergency: Italy declares migrant emergencySource: english.aljazeera.netHumanitarian cr... http://on.fb.me/hpbT6f

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