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From Twitter 02-07-2011

  • New DW Post: From Twitter 02-06-2011 http://bit.ly/dEEQXN
  • I dreamed my own Veronica Mars 3rd season. It was both more interesting and hotter than the real one. #fb
  • Reject the hierarchy of abortion: Reject the hierarchy of abortionSource: bit.lyWe pushed back against Republi... http://on.fb.me/iaI7Mv
  • GOP bill would deny life-saving abortions. Tell them to stop the attacks on womens health: http://bit.ly/eqKbng (via @MoveOn) #fb
  • #HR3 & #HR358 use the tax code to impose political views, that's extremely alarming: http://bit.ly/ifkday (via @NARAL) #fb
  • As Egyptian Army Cracks Down, Leaked Cables Shed Light on Its Gov’t Loyalties, Internal Rifts http://bit.ly/hFroaw (via @ProPublica) #fb
  • Fed Court Hears Arguments in Case Defending Transgender People's Right to Access Medical Care: Fed Court Hears... http://on.fb.me/hvPy1J
  • .@AdamWeinstein bashes the hell out of Chrysler's "Detroit" Super Bowl poverty-porn ad: http://su.pr/3Rw6nW (via @MotherJones) #fb
  • Fighting Ignorance With Ignorance, Part 2 http://bit.ly/fp7eTk (via @notalwaysright) #fb
  • Yesterday & Today: The Top Women Scientists: Yesterday & Today: The Top Women ScientistsSource: www.science20.... http://on.fb.me/dI0rEc
  • Maryland: Tell your senators that you want them to support marriage for same-sex couples! Key hearing tomorrow! http://bit.ly/dS55rD #fb
  • Has America Reached the 'Tipping Point?' Service Industry Says Maybe: Has America Reached the 'Tipping Point?'... http://on.fb.me/fkzPq1
  • Energy Companies Insist Arkansas Earthquakes Have Nothing To Do With Fracking: Energy Companies Insist Arkansa... http://on.fb.me/fsLjfY
  • GOP: Deny Life-Saving Abortions: GOP: Deny Life-Saving AbortionsSource: pol.moveon.orgA GOP bill would allow h... http://on.fb.me/i5lXXq
  • Carter: Laid-off Paterson school music instructor continues teaching violin class without pay: Carter: Laid-of... http://on.fb.me/e6ag5B
  • The House is Voting on the Patriot Act Tomorrow » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the ACLU: The House is Voti... http://on.fb.me/egEy4v
  • NYT editorial examines SCOTUS case; AT&T's desire for corps 2 have "personal privacy" rights: http://nyti.ms/iaLDCM (via @PRC_Amber) #fb
  • .@NewsHourglobal is in #Guatemala reporting on the high levels of gender-based violence: http://ow.ly/3RJyf (via @NewsHour) #fb
  • Scientific Review Kicks Off to Weigh Treatment for Brain-Injured Soldiers http://bit.ly/gbSF8v #milhealth #tricare (via @ProPublica) #fb
  • Keen On… Seth Godin: While We Weren’t Paying Attention, The Industrial Age Just Ended (TCTV): Keen On… Seth Go... http://on.fb.me/igiAj7
  • EgyptWikileak5: EgyptWikileak5Source: www.youtube.com    ..."no entrenched ruling class in the history of the ... http://on.fb.me/fnDCfy
  • Dollars for Docs database updated. Now includes over $320 million paid since 2009: http://bit.ly/fW96ly (via @ProPublica) #fb
  • Princeton Building Large Solar Collector Field http://bit.ly/fX4tkj (via @ecogeek) #fb
  • Who are #Egypt's lobbyists? http://bit.ly/eOjAhh w/data from our collaboration with @sunfoundation (via @ProPublica) #fb
  • Confused abt differences btwn #HR3 "Stupak on Steroids" & Rep Pitts' #HR358? Have a chart: http://bit.ly/i58S2V (via @NARAL) #fb
  • Funny How None Of The Bills About Extending Patriot Act Remove The Most Abused Bits: http://dlvr.it/G1SP4 (via @techdirt) #fb
  • Patriot Act extension runs into conservative opposition: Patriot Act extension runs into conservative oppositi... http://on.fb.me/gpApmj
  • New GOP Bill Would Allow Hospitals To Let Women Die Instead Of Having An Abortion: New GOP Bill Would Allow Ho... http://on.fb.me/dQbkaY
  • Congress votes on Patriot Act renewal tomorrow! Demand reform, not a rubber stamp! TAKE ACTION: http://bit.ly/eM2zJJ (via @ACLU) #fb
  • The House is Voting on the Patriot Act Tomorrow » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civi: The Hous... http://on.fb.me/dQnFof
  • PSA: Pink Lady apples are YUM. If you haven't tried them yet, do so post haste. You won't regret it. #fb
  • EFF Warns That FCC Net Neutrality Rules Are A Bad, Bad Idea http://dlvr.it/G2VWp (via @techdirt) #fb
  • Which Dem senator did a secret hold that killed a resolution supporting Egyptian democracy? http://bit.ly/hSuUzi (via @ProPublica) #fb
  • ACLU announces Develop For Privacy Challenge! Enter your mobile app that improves user privacy. http://bit.ly/gKWZ0B (via @ACLU) #fb
  • Corporate America's Public Enemy No. 1: The EPA http://mojo.ly/e8BjQZ (via @MoJoBlueMarble) #fb
  • Federal regulators decline to release worst-case spill estimates for Canada-US pipeline: http://nyti.ms/dMlJHu #FOIA (via @ProPublica) #fb
  • Congress holding sneaky vote to renew PATRIOT Act tomorrow! Call your lawmakers: http://t.co/s4rHmZi (via @BeatTheChip) #fb
  • The 11-Year Old American Girl Who Knows More About #Guantanamo Than Most US Lawmakers: http://bit.ly/ez11E0 (via @GuantanamoAndy) #fb
  • Nine states don't give maximum unemployment benefits: Does yours? http://bit.ly/iefw3W (via @CSMnational) #fb
  • White house delays rule aimed at helping catch US gun runners to Mexico: http://wapo.st/gRsHJC (via @ProPublica) #fb
  • A sweet potato factory in LA is 1 of the top 5 greenest manufacturing plants in the world. [VIDEO] http://ow.ly/3ROyT (via @NewsHour) #fb
  • "Anonymous" hacker group manages to hack the security firm trying to investigate their cyberattacks: http://cnet.co/ihJjJn (via @cnet) #fb

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