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From Twitter 01-28-2011

  • New DW Post: From Twitter 01-27-2011 http://bit.ly/fSBraX
  • While American News Focus On Tea Parties, Egypt Shuts Down Internet During Revolts: While American News Focus ... http://on.fb.me/eqnNQ4
  • .@AP reports: Egypt's national carrier says it has suspended its flights from #Cairo for 12 hours (via @NewsHour) #fb
  • A country-by-country guide to understanding the unrest in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen etc. via @GlobalPost http://ow.ly/3M8kO (via @NewsHour) #fb
  • delicious: Google Grants: In-kind advertising for non-profit organizations: http://bit.ly/8I7GxN
  • BP's spilled oil is washing up in people: BP's spilled oil is washing up in peopleSource: www.southernstudies.... http://on.fb.me/dKa922
  • The Atlantic: The AtlanticSource: theatlantic.tumblr.comThe Associated Press now reports that the Obama admini... http://on.fb.me/fx29G5
  • NJ: Medical marijuana patients move issue forward - Philadelphia norml | Examiner.com: NJ: Medical marijuana p... http://on.fb.me/etpjRc
  • 75-Year Prison Sentence for Taping the Police? The Absurd Laws That Criminalize Audio and Video Reco: 75-Year ... http://on.fb.me/glbr1f
  • APD Officers On Leave In Public Strip Search Investigation - News Story - WSB Atlanta: APD Officers On Leave I... http://on.fb.me/i84uon
  • Pushing Back Against Economic Crisis, Youth Unrest Ripples Around World - Working In These Times: Pushing Back... http://on.fb.me/fb2y1o
  • Ask @TheresaMayMP to save Brenda from prison or death for being gay in #Uganda #AllOut4Equality #LGBT
  • GOP trying to redefine rape to limit abortion access: http://is.gd/uXbOfE (via @azurelunatic) #fb #FuckYouGOP
  • Philly joins towns trying to influence how gas industry drills wells http://bit.ly/fcplbi More: http://bit.ly/46ZcD (via @ProPublica) #fb
  • #Ham operators within range of #Egypt, join irc.telecomix.org/#hamradio if you'd like to assist. #Jan25 (via @racheline_m) #fb
  • Swedish ISP Will Automatically Encrypt All Traffic To Protect Privacy Under New Data Retention Laws http://dlvr.it/FJhXX (via @techdirt) #fb
  • Shell Denies Allegations in Nigeria, Where an Exxon Valdez-sized Spill Occurs Annually: Shell Denies Allegatio... http://on.fb.me/hRroJ5
  • Witnesses say police tased shot, dragged the live body of Harry Bennett for no good reason http://ow.ly/3M9OA (via @NewsWorksWHYY) #fb
  • Trenton Film Society and Festival: Trenton Film Society and FestivalSource: www.trentonfilmfesti...TFS sponsor... http://on.fb.me/fluJbJ
  • Oil prices climb on unrest in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen: Oil prices climb on unrest in Tunisia, Egypt,... http://on.fb.me/h3chfX
  • Anonymous Goes Old-School, Attacks Egypt With Faxes | Fast Company: Anonymous Goes Old-School, Attacks Egypt W... http://on.fb.me/gjn5g4
  • Egypt protests: America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising: Egypt protests: America's secret b... http://on.fb.me/eIis8T

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