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From Twitter 12-26-2010

  • New DW Post: From Twitter 12-25-2010 http://bit.ly/fCM5zh
  • Wikileaks cable reveals U.S. conspired to retaliate against European nations if they resisted GMOs http://is.gd/jvmvM (via @LossofPrivacy)
  • Snowy days make me sleepy.
  • Nutri-Grain, Fake Color, and Why Do American Kids Deserve Less than Europeans? | Fooducate: Nutri-Grain, Fake ... http://on.fb.me/dUAoex
  • Banks and WikiLeaks: Banks and WikiLeaksSource: www.nytimes.comA bank’s ability to block payments to a legal e... http://on.fb.me/i4xX1f
  • I love snow...especially BIG snow, like this. It makes the world so much quieter!
  • 8 of 10 lobbyists who work for scanner-tech companies previously held positions in the government http://wapo.st/evmNyq (via @LossofPrivacy)
  • Ex Monsanto Lawyer Clarence Thomas to Hear Major Monsanto Case | Use Celsias.com - reduce global °Ce: Ex Monsa... http://on.fb.me/gO9MNQ
  • Newly sequenced chocolate genome reveals the secrets of better candy: Newly sequenced chocolate genome reveals... http://on.fb.me/fn29re
  • It is time for hot cocoa.
  • I've got my honey, my hot cocoa, and a couple of James Bond movies to watch. I could stand being snowed in for a while. :)
  • How Republicans Fool Old Folks: How Republicans Fool Old FolksSource: crooksandliars.comI had this conversatio... http://on.fb.me/hRDQzw
  • Words cannot express how much I love Daniel Craig as the re-imagined 007.
  • Tom Coburn Preaches Austerity For Thee, But Not For He: Cut spending or face 'apocalyptic pain': Tom Coburn Pr... http://on.fb.me/i8SEdv

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