a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

From Twitter 12-23-2010

  • Had a fun road trip and a perfectly delightful solstice celebration. Am now completely wiped out, but very happy. 'night, all!
  • New DW Post: From Twitter 12-22-2010 http://bit.ly/gGaklO
  • Our trip back from RI yesterday was via the fabulous Book Barn. I am in love. And I have some serious updating to my LibraryThing to do now.
  • This Book Barn: http://www.bookbarnniantic.com/ , not this one: http://www.bookbarn.com/home.htm. Obviously, I must try both, now.
  • CIA to assess impact of U.S. cables' exposure by WikiLeaks http://t.co/u64yGQo via @washingtonpost (via @BeatTheChip) #fb
  • Official Torchwood YouTube Channel: Official Torchwood YouTube ChannelSource: www.youtube.comWelcome to the To... http://on.fb.me/frtE2S
  • What is Traitorware?: What is Traitorware?Source: www.eff.orgYour digital camera may embed metadata into photo... http://on.fb.me/ghKsmy
  • Obama to the Corporate Powers: I Feel Your Pain: Obama to the Corporate Powers: I Feel Your PainSource: www.tr... http://on.fb.me/hJWhko
  • 2010 Trend Watch Update: Books and Newspapers: 2010 Trend Watch Update: Books and NewspapersSource: www.eff.or... http://on.fb.me/f24YHQ
  • The Blast Shack: The Blast ShackSource: www.webstock.org.nzThe Wikileaks Cablegate scandal is the most excitin... http://on.fb.me/hToH4J
  • The Surprising Truth: Christians Once Banned Christmas | Holiday Traditions & War on Christmas, Puri: The Surp... http://on.fb.me/ekjTIG

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