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From Twitter 12-17-2010

  • Big Brotheresque App Kills Your Automotive Anonymity http://is.gd/iSxKT | Wow - this won't be abused! #privacy (via @Privacyactivism)
  • National Security Archive director on "Wikimania," and the dangers of demonizing WikiLeaks #wikileaks #cablegate http://bit.ly/gIHx3u
  • RT @emilyd: Petition @Yahoo to make Delicious open source http://act.ly/2ur RT to sign (via @Danjite)
  • New DW Post: From Twitter 12-16-2010 http://bit.ly/fN22bU
  • Is it ever NOT a great time to be rich? This is like dumping sugar on an already frosted & besprinkled cake: http://is.gd/iUGj4
  • Canadians! Win $1000 Canadian Tire gift card + goodies from Club House - Share your favorite stuffing recipe: http://spn.tw/tOnFi #ad
  • Delicious Says It’s Not Shutting Down, but It’s Not Staying at Yahoo Either: http://t.co/dGEqiny (via @azurelunatic)
  • Just installed Chrome for a Cause which gives to charity based on the number of tabs you open: http://j.mp/gTV1z9 (via @thinkgeek)
  • WTF, @google? Queers in History textbook banned from @google ads - "not family safe" : http://is.gd/iUXaS
  • TSA misses enormous, loaded gun in carry-on bag... too busy feeling up the customers, I guess - http://bit.ly/g5YOfx (via @glynmoody)
  • Bradley Manning's health deteriorating in jail - maybe the inhumane, total isolation is the problem: http://is.gd/iUN3z (via @evinumen)
  • Delaware and Massachusetts courts also strike down warrantless GPS tracking (@EPIC) http://bit.ly/fe9QLL #privacy (via @PogoWasRight)
  • Dear @google, don't be evil. LGBTQ issues, as a topic, are not inherently pornographic. http://bit.ly/dPkJoe (via @azurelunatic)
  • DHS's 'Evidence' For Domain Seizures Proves It Knows Little About The Internet - Or The Law: http://bit.ly/h5wVAq (via @glynmoody)
  • The "invisible hand" belongs to a thief: http://is.gd/iV854
  • NYT magazine feature on Tor http://bit.ly/idnpCq (via @BoingBoing) #privacy
  • My honey is wonderful. I'm down for the day with a migraine; he's making me sweet potato waffles. <3

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