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From Twitter 11-23-2010

  • New Blog Post: From Twitter 11-22-2010: ( ::tweets:: )Tweets copied by twittinesis.com http://bit.ly/dWU05s
  • New Blog Post: T-Day: I really, really like eating poultry, especially turkey. But if there is any kind of food ... http://bit.ly/h0oTGI
  • Finally! After many days of trying to remember how I originally set up my twitterfeed account, I got it! #reallyshouldwritethesethingsdown
  • I find myself debating between breakfast and a nap. Nap is ahead on points.
  • Happy Fibonacci day, all!
  • Oh, @thinkgeek, how I wish I could afford the $ & the drawer space to all the t-shirts from you that I wanted.
  • Bird cooked pretty much perfectly - meat falling off the bone, but solid enough to pick up a half-breast with the tongs. Yay!
  • In other news, I may have a broken toe - no idea when or how, but it's been hurting like it's jammed for a couple of days now. ::sigh::
  • I inadvertently put 10 minutes on the microwave to heat up my cake instead of 1, and walked away to go do something else. Ooops.

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com

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