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a fair and balanced birdthing

From Twitter 10-24-2010

  • New Blog Post: From Twitter 10-23-2010: ( ::tweets:: )Tweets copied by twittinesis.com http://bit.ly/bVUqUQ
  • Scrambled eggs & tater tots sounds like the perfect brunch for today. It shall be so.
  • Dear Fatphobia/Thin Privilege deniers - sugaredvenom: http://tumblr.com/xjtn0uydt
  • Iowa nonprofit tops spending in U.S. House elections http://bit.ly/cezRGL (via @CSMnational)
  • Vast stretches of oil still contaminate the Gulf - http://bit.ly/aMKyXV (via @climateprogress)
  • Every state has at least 1 domestic violence coalition to guide individuals to local resources: http://go.usa.gov/aYH (via @TheJusticeDept)
  • Pumpkin Illumination 101: CFLs, LEDs, and Lasers, Oh My http://lifehacker.com/5672006/ (via @Lifehacker)

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com

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