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From Twitter 09-29-2010

  • New Blog Post: From Twitter 09-28-2010: ( ::tweets:: )Tweets copied by twittinesis.com http://bit.ly/921MKB
  • A Field Guide to #Copyright Trolls http://eff.org/r.5rT (via @EFF)
  • #BannedBooksWeek events tonight in Cleveland, Philadelphia and Elmsford & Guilderland, NY: http://bit.ly/b7EevG (via @ACLU)
  • New Study Shows Texting Bans May Make Roads Even More Dangerous http://dlvr.it/68T1D (via @techdirt)
  • Stop Bean Stupid http://bit.ly/df07eV (via @notalwaysright)
  • The ACLU of Connecticut just set up a new Facebook page. Check it out and give 'em a "like!" http://bit.ly/brW0qM (via @ACLU)
  • Major earthquake hits near Indonesia; tsunami possible http://bit.ly/dtZea5 (via @CBSNews)
  • European defenders of Online Freedom: EU questionnaire on Open Internet & Net Neutrality due 30-Sept https://eff.org/r.5rS (via @EFF)
  • Federal Appeals Court Protects Innocent Targets of Government Surveillance: http://tinyurl.com/2f5kon8 (via @EPICprivacy)
  • ..."Jacob Black" is clearly Sirius & Lupin's love child. A werewolf with the last name Black? CAUGHT! (via @Lord_Voldemort7)//BWAH!
  • #Montana parents stand up for accurate sex education: http://bit.ly/dgrCWe (via @NARAL) #goodnews
  • Bourbon + Coffee = YUM.
  • Wow...FB is completely freaking out. It's reporting its own links with the message that says the link has been reported as abusive. Whoops.
  • And now, it won't even let me comment in response to my own post. Seriously FB tech folks...who keeps crapping up your code?

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com

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