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a fair and balanced birdthing

From Twitter 09-28-2010

  • New Blog Post: From Twitter 09-27-2010: ( ::tweets:: )Tweets copied by twittinesis.com http://bit.ly/cP34EZ
  • It has recently become a goal of mine to completely glut my FB page with likes & interests. I wonder if there's a top limit?
  • Tornado watch. Huh. Not what I expect, in NJ.
  • Tonight's movie: Bottle Shock
  • Recommended Movie: Bottle Shock
  • Obama administration's war on privacy: http://is.gd/fyIka (via @Danjite)
  • Portugal's resounding success with drug decriminalization and how other governments pretend it doesn't exist: http://is.gd/fxqYL
  • New Blog Post: Golden Tygre Tavern - Notes for Next Time: -bring some sort of portable shelving & a way to hang cl... http://bit.ly/bUb2t2

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com

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