a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

From Twitter 09-10-2010

  • ‎"Just as laws banning abortion do not stop women from having them, [...] permissive laws do not cause them to do so." http://bit.ly/bsPd4l
  • My eyeballs feel all squitchy today.
  • Cops in NC demand names of all citizens on prescription drugs http://bit.ly/bUjuJH (via @GovernAmerica)
  • Top 10 Threatened Freshwater Turtles Named: http://ow.ly/2CqXu (via @Discovery_News)
  • Out-of-State Billionaire Oil Barons Pour Seven Figures into California's Climate-Killing Prop 23: http://is.gd/f4pro (via @AlterNet)
  • Online Privacy Bills Would Hurt E-commerce, Trade Group Says http://bit.ly/9AXx29 #privacy (via @privacybytes) Corporations vs People, pt 87
  • Scientists Find Thick Layer Of Oil On Sea Floor http://n.pr/dinMrn (via @nprnews)

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