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From Twitter 09-09-2010

  • RT @NewsHour: Pillbox - a tech solution to to a pill problem http://to.pbs.org/94EqD0 (via @PBS)
  • NYC law firm sez: We're looking for a skilled administrative assistant - http://bit.ly/bbhWsi (pass it along!) (via @JayFleischman)
  • This Isn’t Funny - Skippy's List on a very serious topic: http://tinyurl.com/2favuuo (via @azurelunatic)
  • An action doesn't have to be illegal to be a wrong, bad thing to do. A better measure is: does it hurt someone?
  • Google Instant shows a blank screen (aka this material could be inappropriate) for lesbian and bisexual. (via racheline_m) #WTF #google
  • AP memo: We will not distribute images or audio that specifically show Qurans being burned. http://journ.us/bAkutf (via @PhillyInquirer)
  • My honey made chicken parm for us for dinner tonight. ISDELISHOUSH. Served with the chilean merlot my fabulous friend Steph made. NOM.
  • JUDGE RULES THAT "DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL" IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL: http://wp.me/pLuL9-1ks (via @CourageCampaign) W0000T!
  • Sign Petition @change: Tell Google: Lesbian and Bisexual Aren't Offensive Search Terms http://chn.ge/dhhrHP (via @lysana)

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