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From Twitter 09-08-2010

  • Don't you hate it when your knees get that weird "buzzing" feeling? #gettingold
  • Remember promise to pay #oilspill #claims in 48 hours? Now #Feinberg hopes to pay backlog in 3 wks: http://ow.ly/2B881 (via @BPOilNews)
  • Costa Rican court rules that Internet access is a fundamental right: http://bit.ly/cACa4L (via @glynmoody) #goodnews
  • All about Big Ben http://yuarel.com/KugEt7 (via @neatorama)
  • New prayer book opens a welcoming door to the Jewish High Holidays http://bit.ly/bDwqCW (via @PhillyInquirer)
  • Secret copyright treaty: USA caves on border laptop/phone/MP3 player searches for copyright infringe http://bit.ly/cK6aE7 (via @BoingBoing)
  • Sussex police try new tactic to relieve snappers of pics - http://bit.ly/a1KQyn #UK #policestate (via @glynmoody)
  • Twitter Retools App, Link Policies, Sparks Privacy Worries http://bit.ly/dgaZlU (via @LossofPrivacy)
  • My mead has been bubbling away like mad, and already smells boozy!
  • I second a friend of mine who says "I plan on buying a copy of the Quran solely because of this 'Burn a Quran Day.'
  • And, in case there's any question, NOT to burn. To reside in an honored place in my library.
  • TSA poster targets photographers at airports as if they're terrorists http://bit.ly/abJlvN #aviation #TSAfail (via @Danjite)
  • "If you ask amateurs to act as front-line security personnel, you shouldn't be surprised when you get amateur security: http://is.gd/f1dRq
  • HRC's Contributions to Anti-Gay Marriage Candidates http://bit.ly/ah1RMY #LGBT #prop8 (via @EqualityAmerica)
  • "'International Burn a Koran Day?' - How About 'Buy a Quran Day' Instead?"on Gather http://t.co/tFy3AU3 (via @lysana)
  • Brain invasion at the multiplex: neurocinematics attempts to make movies more moving http://bit.ly/cnmkFu (via @newscientist)
  • Philadelphia Subway Feeding Braking Energy to Grid http://bit.ly/cRSP73 (via @ecogeek)
  • "State Secrets" Trump Justice Again-Bush admin gets a free torture pass: http://mojo.ly/bH1A4W (via @MotherJones)
  • TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to Rein in Suspicionless Laptop Searches at the Border http://bit.ly/9v3LsY #action (via @ACLU)
  • Muse, to my ear, is the love child of Queen & Ultravox...with a very young U2 lurking in the background.
  • Gov’t Spent $196 Keeping Secrets For Every $1 Spent Declassifying Document: http://bit.ly/aHM8dI #secrecy #foi (via @glynmoody)
  • 4000 Years for Choice: A Visual History With the Power to Transform: http://bit.ly/bIABX2 (via @rhrealitycheck)
  • I only just realized that today is Wednesday, not Thursday. D'oh!
  • Surveillance Court Seeks Public Comments on Proposed Rules: http://tinyurl.com/24q5kyk (via @EPICprivacy)
  • Group: We'll Send Afghans a New Koran for Every One Jones Burns http://mojo.ly/9UxJpq (via @MotherJones)

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