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From Twitter 09-02-2010

  • Another Oil Rig Explodes http://mojo.ly/9nR4xT (via @MotherJones)
  • Damn! There are at least 4 events of various sorts that the Troll & I'd like to go to...ALL the weekend of the 25th. Most span the w/e.
  • Economist privacy poll closes today - it's a close one! Vote if you care about the privacy of your personal data http://bit.ly/aaNsRF
  • I love tracking big weather like hurricanes. One of my favorite places to do so is Weather Underground. Earl info here: http://is.gd/eRQfh
  • 7 Ways the Tea Party Sugar Daddy Billionaire Brothers R Ripping Us off: http://bit.ly/akgSzd (via @AlterNet)
  • Wow! @VoteVets says Alan Simpson has to be fired. His recent comments re: disabled vets was final straw: http://bit.ly/9phsqz (via @MoveOn)
  • Chase Bank Declares New York State Lottery 'Illegal Internet Gambling' http://ow.ly/18PW5p (via @consumerist)
  • Too Big To Fail must be solved. Do your part & #moveyourmoney http://huff.to/cpu2S3 (via @moveyourmoney)
  • New US fed law to help students save $ on text books, avoid text book churn etc. http://nyti.ms/9DI1ah (via @mgeist)
  • DYK: In the 18th century, folks thought “post-masturbation disease” was a real thing, with symptoms like swelling and blindness (via @PPact)
  • Noir movie for free download: Two Dollar Bettor (1951) http://bit.ly/9xxdF2 (via @BoingBoing)
  • New Blog Post: Surprisingly Simple Carrot Salad: I intended to make coleslaw this evening. Alas, the bagged, pre-c... http://bit.ly/94z5xE
  • Tonight's dinner: fried chicken, carrot salad, steamed broccoli & mashed potatoes (that we grew!). Nom.

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