a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

heh. well, i've decided to go (finally) to an SCA event next weekend that my friend james invited me to, and for two days now i've been in a flurry......noooooo, a frenzy of ebaying to try to insure that i'm properly clothed for the occasion. i fail to see why a simple undershift should cost so much...perhaps i should learn to sew & start making & selling them myself! if it were summer, i'd just wear one of my dance costumes & be done with it...but the weather is far too cold for me to do that right now. hence, the frenzy.

i think i'll end up dressing "manly" -- i.e. baggy pants, baggy shirt & tunic-y vest of some sort, for $, simplicity & comfort. damn sexism...that is a whole other tangent that i don't need to get started on right now...but does anyone really imagine that there weren't women in the dark and middle ages who dressed practically, despite the standards??? grrrr....!

shoes! yeek! more shopping.... ::grumble::
Tags: cultcha, events, friends, shopping
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