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From Twitter 08-23-2010

  • Bob Dylan Gets Around Service Fees & Scalpers With A Simple Plan: Pay Cash At The Door http://dlvr.it/48Xwg (via @techdirt)
  • Taxing Internet speech? Philadelphia demands business licenses from bloggers: http://is.gd/ezaHD
  • Creep, unaware of video camera, drops cat into trash can http://bit.ly/bmaM9R (via @BoingBoing)
  • There's no reason to favor extending Bush tax cuts for the rich except purely as a gift to the rich: http://mojo.ly/bQAEzJ
  • RNC Strapped for Cash, Millions in Debt: http://is.gd/ezgvz (via @AlterNet)
  • Did you hear? @nightshadebooks proposes to whitewash @catvalente's next cover: http://tinyurl.com/hotbnuhuh (via @popelizbet) #racefail
  • Apple patent would allow it to detect unauthorized iPhone users and remotely terminate services: http://eff.org/r.q9c (via @EFF)
  • I really like onions. Especially the purple ones; they're so festive!
  • Best-selling author Naomi Watts is suing b/c her big bank let her be robbed. http://huff.to/c9JrNv #moveyourmoney (via @moveyourmoney)
  • DRM Strikes Again: Samsung Blu-ray Firmware Update Means No Warner Or Universal Movies http://dlvr.it/48qRJ (via @techdirt)
  • Boy, 14, and girl, 17, charged with murder of World War 2 Navy vet, 87: http://ph.ly/Jp (via @PhillyInquirer)
  • A surprising number of the beans we grew this year sprouted in the pod. Is that normal?
  • US gov't funding opposition to Islamic center in NY http://mojo.ly/bvI1DX (link fixed!) (via @MotherJones)

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