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From Twitter 08-20-2010

  • US Chamber: Equal Pay “a Fetish for Money,” Women Should “Choose the Right Partner at Home”: http://is.gd/eshwm
  • Transocean accuses BP of withholding data on Deepwater Horizon oil spill: http://is.gd/esoCN
  • There Is Already A Mosque Inside The Pentagon http://t.co/LK4w3Z7 (via @ZerlinaM) //So recognize that you're being manipulated by #teaparty
  • Why won't the Pentagon help WikiLeaks redact documents? | Salon http://bit.ly/bPbcN8 (via @wikileaks)
  • Our privacy is vanishing. Anybody care? This article looks back over the years: http://bit.ly/9NpIOY (via @dotRights)
  • #Hausergate: Harvard confirms misconduct by morality researcher http://bit.ly/cseEGe (via @newscientist) HA.
  • GOP+Dem senators rebuke Obama admin on surreptitiously storing full-body scans. Admin: No comment. http://bit.ly/98wPYF (via @privacyint)
  • http://bit.ly/a83y8N Troops Punished After Refusing to Attend Evangelical Concert (via @LuckySpirit)
  • NOAA's supposed peer reviewers say they never actually reviewed the disappearing oil report: http://bit.ly/9GMXDD (via @MoJoBlueMarble)
  • Feds: TSA officer stole laptop computers http://bit.ly/bjA08C (via @PhillyInquirer)
  • Pakistan: Corporations and Flood Relief http://mojo.ly/asLWrA (via @MotherJones)
  • why cant the media ignore the 18% who believe obama is muslim as effectively as they ignore 34% who want single payer healthcare? (via @7im)
  • Everyone knows the first video played on MTV. But what about VH1? Marvin Gaye’s version of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” (via @mental_floss)

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