a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

From Twitter 08-18-2010

  • I am trying desperately to remember the brand name of the frozen blue corn tamales I snarfled from the co-op 10+ yrs ago in Tucson. Anyone?
  • TARGET ACTION: Tweets w/ this hashtag show up on @TargetEvent's FB Wall: #TGTSPECTACULAR - Everyone Tweet #BoycottTarget! (via @MoveOn)
  • American Airlines to charge more for the front row http://bit.ly/d7S9E8 (via @PhillyInquirer)
  • Senators Question Safety of Airport Body Scanners, Object to Program Expansion: http://tinyurl.com/262fuzt (via @EPICprivacy) #abouttime
  • 228 million eggs linked to outbreak of salmonella poisoning. Check if your eggs were recalled http://bit.ly/aIG7Bg (via @wikiHow)
  • Feds Threaten to Sue Sheriff Arpaio http://mojo.ly/9T80lV (via @MotherJones)
  • Infographic: Pakistan Flood Aid Isn't Flowing http://ow.ly/18D0Ah (via @GOODfeed)
  • Sugar Beets – Monsanto Wins Again http://bit.ly/9cmKgC (via @LossofPrivacy)

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