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From Twitter 08-16-2010

  • Schools Asking Kids To Bring Basic Cleaning Supplies http://ow.ly/18B0TJ (via @consumerist) //This is what happens when you cut funding.
  • Kids In The Hall Admit They 'Pirate' Their Own Shows, Because They Can't Get Them Legally http://dlvr.it/3sjry (via @techdirt)
  • FACT: About 20M women globally have unsafe abortions each year, 3M of whom don’t receive needed care for complications. http://ow.ly/2qg6d
  • The Need For Anti-SLAPP Laws: Developer Sues Author, Publisher, Academic Who Praised Book & Reporter That Reviewed Book http://dlvr.it/3tD6W
  • GPS surveillance by law enforcement seems ripe for Supreme Court attention after contradictory decisions http://eff.org/r.4pP (via @EFF)
  • OMG. BPAL + Villainess=soap I've gotta have: http://is.gd/ekP9x
  • Did you know that the #oilspill is not a federal disaster? Do you wanna know why that blows? http://mojo.ly/b3eRUb (via @kate_sheppard)
  • Infographic: U.S. Home Foreclosures Are Still Rising http://ow.ly/18Bd83 (via @GOODfeed)
  • New pedestrian safety report shows men are often behind the wheel (and the victims) in ped fatalities: http://mojo.ly/bTIrlM
  • Indigenous activists occupy govt property in Easter Island http://ow.ly/2qhrQ #chile (via @amnesty)
  • 5 things you need to about Ramadan from @PBSNeedToKnow - http://go.pbs.org/2q6qX (via @PBS)

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