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From Twitter 08-11-2010

  • Just awoke from dreams of a horrible car accident & deep grief. Hard to shake the feeling of mourning.
  • Senators who voted to take away EPA's power to regulate CO2 took 2.5x as much dirty energy $: http://bit.ly/9M8yCH (via @TheClimateDesk)
  • Wells Fargo Ordered To Pay $203 Million For Processing Transactions High To Low, To Maximize Overdraft Fees http://ow.ly/18wPHM
  • Manhattanites favor Islamic community center near Ground Zero 53-31 http://bit.ly/cEKTJ7 (via @ACLU) //so everyone else can STFU, thanks!
  • Watching Catch Me If You Can. Awesome movie.
  • Nearly half of Americans think Constitution provides a right to marriage equality, per CNN Poll: http://bit.ly/bOPIfi (via @CourageCampaign)
  • My favorite new twitter discovery: http://twitter.com/SrWHOfficial
  • delicious: The Global Crop Diversity Trust: http://bit.ly/bHQXMo
  • Shaming a slut-shamer: http://bit.ly/bWc2J1 (By the awesome @AmandaMarcotte) (via @BlowfishTwitter)
  • In case you were worried, Goldman Sachs is still in the money http://mojo.ly/bwmkSN (via @MotherJones)
  • School bullying summit's big hope: an anti-bullying tipping point http://bit.ly/cJqtuB (via @CSMnational)
  • I just re-watched the 1st ep/pilot of #Leverage. Seriously, my friends, you should all check it out. Great premise, great show.
  • America Throws Out 40 Percent of the Food It Produces http://ow.ly/18x5Yj (via @GOODfeed)

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