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13:54 delicious: Eardoc - a Treatment for Ear infection & Ear pain: www.eardoc.info/ #

15:21 San Diego, Friday: BPAL + GeekGirlsNetwork Tweetup: geekgirlsnetwork.com/blog/events/ #

15:26 Otter babies learning to swim: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpTqV6LPl8c #

16:01 Wyoming is considering selling 2 sq. miles of Grand Teton National Park for $125 million. ow.ly/28fax (via @Discovery_News) #

16:11 Financial Columnist Lectures Little Kids Who Want To Give Away Lemonade That They're Destroying America dlvr.it/2PLDy (via @techdirt) #

16:20 Wall Street bankers are throwing a pity party b/c they can't run wild anymore. bit.ly/cYM06j (via @moveyourmoney) #

16:26 You're Paying Oil Pipeline Owners' Income Taxes ow.ly/182kEH (via @consumerist) #

16:31 Health hazards? Fuggedaboutit! "The only way this beach is gonna close is if it's on fire": mojo.ly/d1jfyb (via @MotherJones) #

16:39 An artist's tribute to the oil spill in her hometown. ow.ly/28gtf (via @Greenopolis) #

16:48 #PHOTO: Astronomers find a huge bubble of hot gas, inflated by a black hole's jets. ow.ly/28l7p (via @Discovery_News) #

16:53 What's the Gulf oil spill destroying now? bit.ly/dlbbXT (via @BoingBoing) #

16:59 The road to healthcare hell is paved with GPOs: bit.ly/dlehBa via @kdrum (via @MotherJones) #

17:09 Will Gitmo Shrinks Lose Their Credentials? mojo.ly/azCujI (via @MotherJones) ALL med personnel involved should lose them! #

17:25 Thieves snag tractor-trailers full of pharmaceuticals bit.ly/9318Wf (via @BoingBoing) #

17:30 delicious: Beehive Rain Barrel: bit.ly/asmNvD #

17:30 AP, MediaNews Boss Sends Legal Threat To Blog For Quoting Colorado Newspapers dlvr.it/2PcYC (via @techdirt) #

17:35 US Is A Dumping Ground For Crappy, Dangerous Olive (and not-olive) Oil ow.ly/182t9f (via @consumerist) #

17:49 Know thine enemy: funky mosquito facts to help you beat those bugs. ow.ly/28grw (via @Greenopolis) #

17:52 Watch @MacMcClelland on @democracynow talking about #bp's journalist restrictions in the Gulf: mojo.ly/cE4xho (via @MotherJones) #

17:55 Hey, it's only supposed to be 90 tomorrow, and to get down into the 70's tonight! Maybe I can sleep in my bed again! #

18:10 Wall Street Threatens To Get Back At Politicians For Financial Reform ow.ly/182qZg (via @consumerist) #

18:22 Fun with words: is.gd/dje1c #

18:32 Space tight in the garden? Consider hanging it. ow.ly/28gnb (via @Greenopolis) This is cool! #

18:36 Design Students Find Surprising New Use for Outdated Speedos ow.ly/182yB2 (via @GOODfeed) #

18:44 As Oil Industry Fights a Tax, It Reaps Billions From Subsidies (@NYTIMES) j.mp/OilSubsidies #OilSpill (via @MoveOn) #

18:52 Abandoned & Forgotten: 27,000 Offshore Wells Are Being Left To Decay In The Gulf j.mp/MoreLeaks #OilSpill (via @MoveOn) #

19:06 MMS Scrubs Safety Nod for BP From Website mojo.ly/dCjxHx (via @MotherJones) #

19:11 BP Media Clampdown: Journalists Now Face Possibility of Fines, Prison Time j.mp/BPmediaClampdown #OilSpill #bpFAIL (via @MoveOn) #

19:20 Extinct 'Welded Beast' Found in Tennessee Swimming Pool (via @jenniferviegas) ow.ly/28nbV (via @Discovery_News) #

19:40 I think we may move our bedroom stuff downstairs to the living room for the summer. So much easier to cool! #

19:47 European Top Court Tells Monsanto It Can't Abuse Patent Law To Stop Import Of Argentinian Soymeal dlvr.it/2PpYM (via @techdirt) #

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