a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

14:50 I have obtained antibiotics. Die, ear infection bacteria, die! #

14:57 Man's best friend shows us how to build better robots: Three-Legged Dogs Help Robot Research ow.ly/27Ijg (via @Discovery_News) #

15:07 delicious: Gluten and Medications: bit.ly/b4On1V #

15:11 BP oil spill: Claims can't make up losses for many Gulf residents bit.ly/bP1amy (via @CSMnational) #

15:16 Dish detergents lower phosphate voluntarily - ow.ly/27HEU (via @GoodGuide) #

15:33 Have you signed our new pledge to get corporations out of our democracy? j.mp/FightCorruptDC #FightCorruptDC #Other98 (via @MoveOn) #

15:39 LAPD ordered to pay $1.7 million to reporters beaten at rally: bit.ly/ap20EY (via @LossofPrivacy) #

15:43 Great news for women in Spain! New law improves access to abortion, declares it a woman's right: bit.ly/d3azj2 (via @NARAL) #

15:50 Small Roof-Mounted Wind Turbines Could Power Rural India bit.ly/bDKuw4 (via @ecogeek) #

15:53 Record heat here today: 104 on our shaded back porch. Cats all laying about looking dead, but clearly loving it. #

16:01 GOP senate candidate uses copyright in attempt to censor reprinting her previous campaign positions bit.ly/cj6SUq (via @BoingBoing) #

16:02 Woot Asks AP To Pay Up For Quoting Woot Blog Post Without Paying dlvr.it/2MMWz (via @techdirt) #

16:06 'Extinct' fern found clinging to a volcano. Could other long-lost plants just be hiding? ow.ly/27CPd (via @Discovery_News) #

16:16 Yargh. The antibiotic drops are making my ear itch, but it is still too tender for me to rub or scratch it. Torturous! #

16:34 We welcome justice dept lawsuit against #Arizona against immigration law #SB1070 ow.ly/27LQz (via @amnesty) #

16:40 Activist Held for Exposing Violations in Diamond Fields of #Zimbabwe ow.ly/27KNe (via @amnesty) #

16:58 7/11 Is Free Slurpee Day At 7-11 ow.ly/181v5L (via @consumerist) #

17:03 The Myth of Abortion Trauma Syndrome: bit.ly/cGe6Ki (via @rhrealitycheck) #

17:09 Transgender woman wins federal lawsuit against Georgia General Assembly bit.ly/aGOICr #LGBT #NOH8 (via @EqualityAmerica) #

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