a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

01:27 My innards appear to have collaborated on some unholy mashup of burping and hiccups. #

13:21 Not. Feeling. Well. Probable ear infection. #

18:53 U.S. Homeland Security head announces Amtrak information-sharing security initiative | NJ.com bit.ly/c58CwE (via @LossofPrivacy) #

20:45 Also, I very stupidly glutened myself yesterday, and am suffering the consequences. Ouch. #

20:47 Celebrate Liberty & Equality: A Declaration for All Time: bit.ly/cGGkAm #p2 #tcot #humanrights (via @jonhutson) #

20:52 Some potential immigrants to the US had to do a jigsaw puzzle to show their intelligence. factlets.info/jigsaw (via @factlets) #

21:26 Gay U.S. citizens seek to claim residency for foreign partners bit.ly/cA0z5U #LGBT #UAFA (via @EqualityAmerica) #

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