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a fair and balanced birdthing

09:23 Darpa Push: Solar Cells Tough Enough to Handle a War bit.ly/c1g9iW (via @dangerroom) #

09:29 Ancient Mars looked a lot more like Earth, a new study shows (via @Free_Space) ow.ly/23bbm (via @Discovery_News) #

09:53 Plastic bags could become useful products rechargeable batteries if new research goes mainstream ow.ly/23aFT (via @Discovery_News) #

09:55 Food perennials in R&D- bit.ly/biIZOI (via @glynmoody) #

09:59 SEPTA approves changing name of Pattison station to AT&T bit.ly/adPSfb (via @PhillyInquirer) #

10:12 George Orwell was born 107 years ago today. Here are some of his own cake recipes to celebrate: is.gd/d3cUo (via @privacyint) #

10:18 The Curfew: edugame about fighting the surveillance society bit.ly/9o66UL (via @BoingBoing) #

10:23 EU secretly pushing to put kids in jail for sharing music: ACTA leak bit.ly/9sPCDe (via @BoingBoing) #

10:32 Police Taser 86-year-old disabled grandma bc she "took a more aggressive posture in her bed" bit.ly/9FrSlf bit.ly/aMZOHr #WTF #

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