a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

14:55 My favorite salty snack of late: Trader Joe's Tortilla Chips With An Identity Crisis. With tapenade. Yum. #

17:16 Hug-A-Plug Rotates Electrical Cord Orientation for Flush Fit with Furniture lifehacker.com/5571114/ (via @Lifehacker) Neat! #

17:18 Petition @BP_America 2 provide cleanup workers w/ respirators: act.ly/23o #bp #oilspill via (via @jonhutson) #

17:22 Toronto Earthquake Felt From Michigan to New York (Map and Video): bit.ly/aJDVeh (via @lysana) #

17:28 What are health/enviro effects of #BP dispersants? No one knows & EPA still hasn't finished tests it promised: bit.ly/dx3tpx #

18:03 Who is attending "secret" FCC net neutrality meetings? - bit.ly/bdxN19 & what are they hiding? #fcc #netneutrality (via @glynmoody) #

19:01 Undersea accident increases flow of oil into Gulf bit.ly/bV3orn (via @CSMnational) #

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