a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

15:08 Headache. #

15:33 BP's Internal Mag Discovers Oil Spill Helped Gulf Coast con.st/10008075 (via @consumerist) #

15:41 Just figured out I haven't been getting LJ comments (email forwarding issue, I think). Technical difficulties resolved later, migraine now. #

15:42 delicious: Clean The World - Recycling soap & shampoo to save lives.: bit.ly/apdGrg #

15:44 Also in technical difficulties: inadequate house power means that the A/C keeps popping the breaker. Tomorrow predicted to be hotter. #

15:53 Judge Who Struck Down Moratorium Has Owned Transocean Stock mojo.ly/93w3WQ (via @MotherJones) #

16:30 IFPI Sends DMCA Notice To Google Demanding It Stop Linking To The Pirate Bay... Entirely dlvr.it/1xRQr (via @techdirt) #

17:34 Oldest known icons of Christ’s apostles have been found in a catacomb near St. Paul’s Basilica. ow.ly/21Sdu (via @Discovery_News) #

17:42 After Cutting Little Girls' Clitorises, Ivy League Doctor Tests Handiwork With a Vibrator: bit.ly/dCrirw #

17:48 Tell BP: Stop burning endangered sea turtles alive. Take action: bit.ly/cR84GP @CREDOmobile pls RT (via @logfaith) #

17:57 Europe Will Be Powered By Saharan Sun in Five Years bit.ly/c5JoaC (via @ecogeek) Finally, some #goodnews #

18:03 Biden is simply bought- contrary to the GAO's findings, launching a "war on piracy" for the entertainment industry: is.gd/cZFUj #

18:09 Court Says It's Okay To Remove Content From The Public Domain And Put It Back Under Copyright dlvr.it/1x54V (via @techdirt) #

18:25 According To Internal Document, BP Thought #OilSpill Could Be 100X Larger Than It Told Congress: j.mp/SpillLarge #bpFAIL #

18:36 if you use iTunes: new policy says it will collect & share your "precise location data"; no opt-out bit.ly/b0yOlE (via @dotRights) #

19:07 ACLU Files Brief Against Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking bit.ly/d91rX3 (via @ACLU) #

20:26 My sweetheart brought me ice cream. <3 #

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