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14:26 delicious: 21 Bookmarklets To Fire Up Google Chrome [List] | Social Web Tools: bit.ly/9wMZDS #

15:36 Active Hawaiian volcano shot with a thermal imaging camera. AMAZING video! Watch it here: ow.ly/1WSLU (via @Discovery_News) #

15:46 I hate it when I forget to stir my tea, and the last swallow ends up being almost pure honey. #

15:47 Telemedicine is already used in cardiac, pediatric, and dental health care...now repro health care! ow.ly/1WRwU #

16:09 Some fascinating stuff, here:
Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Breaking the Male Gaze: A Close Reading of “Alejandro”: is.gd/cKxeW #

16:20 Runaway Robots Hunted by the Mammals They Were Designed to Replace bit.ly/aJaFvd (via @dangerroom) #

16:44 Privacy Death Watch: Two Startups Want To Make Your Email And Voicemail Public bit.ly/aUGXky #privacy (via @privacybytes) #

16:45 I think that this weekend we will break-in the new grill. Yay! #

16:55 So far, oil from #BP spill could have powered 38,000 cars for year: mojo.ly/95LaL8 #oilspill #

17:30 Google TV Is A Bigger Deal Than You Think - bit.ly/cQLfQn yup #google #tv (via @glynmoody) #

17:39 delicious: Gaga Stigmata - CRITICAL WRITINGS AND ART ABOUT LADY GAGA: bit.ly/dbjUCK #

17:45 Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured- Mark Twain #

17:46 John Boehner wants you to help pay for BP's oil volcano: bit.ly/a4xQcJ #BP #oilspill2010 (via @Stardragonca) #

17:48 New fed policy makes it easier for transgender people to list gender changes on passports bit.ly/bnTAHW (via @EqualityAmerica) #

17:52 Guantanamo Bay's $2 Billion Pricetag - go-kart tracks & Starbucks galore! su.pr/1sQ6Ks (via @MotherJones) #

17:57 Understanding the Gamer Petition & why you might want to sign: j.mp/9w7Vuv (via @thinkgeek) #

18:08 ICYMI: The craziest military science experiments, from bat bombs to goo guns. Plus, LSD. bit.ly/c7oDYH (via @dangerroom) #

18:21 India to WTO: Secret copyright treaty is illegal! bit.ly/9vqjmS (via @BoingBoing) #

18:25 The inspiring stories of 8 amazingly abled athletes and artists --> bit.ly/bQCCSE (via @mental_floss) #

18:34 Judge limits DHS laptop border searches eff.org/r.1kY (via @EFF) #

18:41 Facts vs. Fiction on the Military’s Abortion Ban bit.ly/a4181P (via @ACLU) #

18:56 DC Folks: "An Evening of Shakespeare in Klingon" w/ George Takei by WSC. Tix: j.mp/dDusWP (via @thinkgeek) #

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