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a fair and balanced birdthing

13:53 I realized today that I know much more about cow breeds than I have any reason to, and I have no idea where the knowledge came from. #

14:04 BP live feed doesn't lie: Is BP oil spill plume worse than before? bit.ly/a3VXhV (via @CSMnational) #

15:19 Of all of the Whedon-verse villains, I think that Skip may well be my favorite. Closely followed by the Mayor. #

15:59 You can help improve access to abortion for women in the military. Take action now! bit.ly/bwf0Qq #p2 #fem2 (via @NARAL) #

16:03 Great piece on why we need to end the ban women in the military's access to abortion: bit.ly/d36hPU #p2 #fem2 (via @NARAL) #

16:12 Banks Pay Colleges for Students' Names, Addresses mojo.ly/8Y7RPr (via @MotherJones) #

16:12 Go Vote! mojo.ly/bKxot4 (via @MotherJones) #

16:30 The more Lady Gaga videos I see, the more fascinated I become with her: is.gd/cHF3g #

16:48 Fat Kids & Family Violence - It's about priorities, people bit.ly/d5LN9o #

16:56 Today feels like a Friday to me. I suspect this means I'm in for a REALLY long week. #

17:23 NY Times Confused About Its Own RSS Feed; Orders Takedown Of iPad RSS Reader dlvr.it/1XYZW (via @techdirt) #

17:25 Video: Viacom PWNED on Piracy eff.org/r.1kQ (via @EFF) #

17:25 CK Obsession May Not Attract Women, But Guatemalan Jaguars Love It con.st/10007519 (via @consumerist) #

17:29 Top Google result for 'oil spill' bought by BP: tinyurl.com/245xasj (via @TechThrust) #

17:39 Another reason to buy organic strawberries. Controversy over strawberry field chemical ht.ly/1VK79 (via @GoodGuide) #

17:41 Subsea oil plumes found 142 miles frm rig Crude moving thru Gulf like ash frm volcano,official says bit.ly/c6qSV0 (via @Stardragonca) #

18:59 WANT: bit.ly/cnBm4O #

19:20 Got A Shrek Drinking Glass? McDonald's Will Pay You $3 For It con.st/10007539 (via @consumerist) (they're poisonous) #

19:45 delicious: "Cash for Caulkers" Bill Passes House -: Tax credits for energy-saving home insulation projects. bit.ly/bxGzh1 #

21:16 delicious: Green Earth Solutions: bit.ly/aBdMza #

21:38 Do you know how anti-choice "crisis pregnancy centers" deceive women? Take this quiz: bit.ly/9sgvQo (via @NARAL) #

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