a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

14:28 What a lovely, relaxed Sunday afternoon! Hope it's the same for all of you. :) #

15:41 delicious: Save Our Gulf: saveourgulf.org/ #

16:06 Corpus Christi TX cops rip out large weed crop from city park... turns out they were just weeds: is.gd/ckUUF (via @InjusticeNews) #

16:12 delicious: Deepwater Horizon Incident, Gulf of Mexico- NOAA: bit.ly/91gfZT #

16:19 Despite the recession, the big banks had huge profits int he first 3 months of the year. huff.to/cWJiG9 #MoveYourMoney #

16:48 The biggest banks cut lending by $9bil. #MoveYourMoney to financial institutions that invest in yr community. huff.to/bT4dMX #

16:57 Studying Post-Grammatic Stress bit.ly/9TuJcy (via @notalwaysright) #

17:16 It's a classics afternoon here: Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Santana & the like. Good stuff. #

17:34 Thyme Could Stop the Spread of the Deadly Infection MRSA dlvr.it/190C6 (via @NewsOnGreen) #

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