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09:53 DHS Silent on Radical Arizona Immigration Bill bit.ly/arNEew (via @MotherJones) #

10:00 I dreamed vividly this morning of making and transporting Indian food. And an Easter filled with silk. All with a Clapton soundtrack. #

10:06 Prehistoric hanky panky: Early humans may have bred with other species - twice bit.ly/aja5EG (via @newscientist) #

10:19 As promised, ACTA text released trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/html/146029.htm More soon. (via @michaelgeist) #

10:25 Report on the evidence UK authorities used to decide flying through ash is actually ok bit.ly/csMYuK #ashtag (via @newscientist) #

10:46 An escalation in EU surveillance powers - bit.ly/dotvo6 what could possibly go wrong? #eu #surveillance (via @glynmoody) #

10:53 Rebuilding Frankenstein bit.ly/c5Q3TO (via @notalwaysright) #

11:11 Google images is censored in #Iran redirecting to the following page: is.gd/bBs7c #IranElection (via @IranRiggedElect) #

11:13 The real cost of the recent financial meltdown is far more than official estimates: bit.ly/c2pfNs (via @MotherJones) #

11:40 Rainwater Harvesting Staves off Sinking in Venice ow.ly/177HuP (via @GOODfeed) #

11:42 Washington Times editorial on "legal" TSA laptop searches. j.mp/ch273L (via @EFF) #

11:59 UK police want the power to order "dangerous" suspects to be injected with a sedative bit.ly/9wGpU2 (via @LossofPrivacy) #

12:02 BART police instruct its police officers to surrender their Tasers and report for retraining bit.ly/chtazh (via @LossofPrivacy) #

12:10 10-year-old's pregnancy fuels Mexican abortion debate - bit.ly/95luZu (via @undeny) #

12:19 Big banks are actually feeling a little fear these days: bit.ly/bZyTvq (via @MotherJones) #

12:26 Report: America's Worst Governors bit.ly/awUWu4 (via @MotherJones) #

12:27 The National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon! bit.ly/bojbJB (this one is giving away salted caramels for donations of $25) (via @undeny) #

12:32 Aw, a turtle + butterflies: ngm.nationalgeographic.com/your-shot/wallpaper/2010/img/0415wallpaperys-6_1600.jpg (via @sylphon) #

12:42 Shocking new information in case of 13-year-old #Yemen bride who was raped to death bit.ly/a1uKTp #tcot #p2 (via @jonhutson) #

12:47 Maryland Police Confiscate Biker's Computers After He Catches Questionable Activity On Helmet Cam dlvr.it/ZTbv (via @techdirt) #

12:50 Worst Company In America Final Four: Bank Of America VS. Ticketmaster con.st/10004790 (via @consumerist) Vote! #

13:02 Doctoral Student Uncovers Recipe for Cleaner Diesel ow.ly/1788e3 (via @GOODfeed) #

13:07 Gay Softball League Discriminates Against Bisexuals, Lawsuit Claims bit.ly/ciIxcl (via @lysana) #

15:34 Obama admin wants to block GMO food labeling rule in UN committee. Act now: bit.ly/dz6ORI @CREDOmobile Pls RT #

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