a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

00:02 We've been getting record amounts of stuff done on the weekends. It could be that being carless is good for our productivity! :) #

00:02 Of course, the weather has been terrific, too - I'm sure that helps. #

00:47 My honey has the hiccups. Poor hiccuping honey! #

16:10 delicious: Deportation And Removal - What Happens to People Visiting the US: bit.ly/9QBgBA #

16:33 Not only does @unitedairlines break guitars ( is.gd/bq0wR ), they try to break disabled customers, too: is.gd/bq0Aa #

16:51 Publisher Warns Fans That Liking A Book Too Much May Be Illegal dlvr.it/Tq4n (via @techdirt) #

16:58 Is Cheap Solar Paint Coming Soon? bit.ly/duS6N5 (via @ecogeek) #

17:07 Howsabout some muscle paralysis with your veggie burger? Neurotoxin in many brands: bit.ly/bvCY4F (via @MotherJones) #

18:14 delicious: FlyersRights.ORG - Largest Non-Profit Airline Consumer Organization: flyersrights.org/ #

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