a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

15:37 This is big. Judge finds Pres Bush violated wiretapping laws: bit.ly/9Y93Wl (via @techdirt) #

15:51 Electronic #Privacy Law is Older Than the World Wide Web — It’s Time for An Upgrade bit.ly/bjQ0b3 #FixECPA (via @ACLU) #

16:02 Obama: Drilling for climate bill votes? bit.ly/bnku5Y (via @newscientist) #

16:08 6 Easter Traditions You Might Not Know About -- bit.ly/asT7ox (via @mental_floss) #

16:14 Scammers Using Mock Copyright Lawsuit Threats To Get People To Download Malware bit.ly/c9leQq (via @privacybytes) #

16:21 Sony Deletes Feature On PS3's; You Don't Own What You Thought You Bought dlvr.it/NlMz (via @techdirt) #

17:17 Predator Theory « Fugitivus icio.us/wzn0ui (via @azurelunatic) #

17:44 delicious: Say it loud: I’m childfree and I’m proud: bit.ly/bOB1Jw #

23:00 This weekend, I'm going to try my hand at making mead. Troll got me kits last year at Pennsic. Hafta replace yeast, though, it's dead. #

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