a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

14:54 The remote we got for our laptop-turned-media-center isn't an especially good one. Recs, anyone? I prefer something that works with VLC. #

16:31 Court Effectively Says No 4th Amendment Protection To Copies Of Emails dlvr.it/HkHY (via @techdirt) #

16:33 $3 Million to Protect Big Banks and Keep America's Economy at Risk: bit.ly/9eNkUn (via @whitehouse) #

16:42 EFF posts docs detailing gov't collection of data from social media sites eff.org/r.g6K including how IRS uses this info (via @EFF) #

16:59 Your Boss Can Secretly Film You in the Bathroom -- The Countless Ways You Are Losing Privacy at Work: is.gd/aM79k (via @AlterNet) #

17:09 Belgisn Minister: "Open source prevents monopolies, increases innovation" - bit.ly/bKOcSp (via @glynmoody) #

17:38 Federal Gov't Mostly Ignoring Obama Directive To Be More Transparent dlvr.it/GvQz (via @techdirt) #

17:45 Fake tax refund scams on the rise as tax day looms bit.ly/aiopC0 (via @CSMnational) #

18:10 Every 60 secs, 24 hrs of content is uploaded to YouTube.It would take nearly 4 years to watch videos uploaded in a day. (via @WiredResearch) #

18:22 Yet Another DRM Failure Leaves Customers High And Dry dlvr.it/HrMl (via @techdirt) #

22:23 Okay, XBMC, you're pretty. But trouble playing .avi files? Really? Color me unimpressed. #

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