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14:40 Put universal access to contraception on Obama’s docket! Americans for UNFPA’s proposal via @Change bit.ly/7iUZ11 (via @PPact) #

15:16 WANT: bit.ly/dqVTH9 #

15:24 Ubisoft’s Uber DRM Cracked Within a Day bit.ly/cVazuL (via @torrentfreak) #

15:26 Stop Big Agriculture Lobbyists From Killing Food Safety Reforms: is.gd/9GO7Z (via @AlterNet) #

15:35 NJ Cop Finds Hair in Food; Cook is Arrested & $25,000 bail set. bit.ly/bWE7g2 (via @villagevoice) #

15:43 Popular Science Puts Entire Scanned Archive Online, Free - bit.ly/9jKkgl #archives (via @glynmoody) #

15:55 Systemic Denial - bit.ly/aDjuT1 How the financial crisis is even worse than it seems #corruption (via @glynmoody) #

16:03 Knocking on Congress' door can help prevent #pregnancy-related deaths ow.ly/1eNF2 #healthcare (via @amnesty) #

16:09 delicious: Gruyere-Stuffed Crusty Loaves: bit.ly/cVbszd #

16:13 I <3 Jon Stewart. is.gd/9M6C0 #

16:50 RIAA Claims File Sharers Are 'Undermining Humanitarian Efforts In Haiti', But Leaves Out The Facts dlvr.it/67BB (via @techdirt) #

16:57 Horror Blogger Threatened With Defamation And Copyright Lawsuits 4 Open Letter To Horror Magazine dlvr.it/66Zb (via @techdirt) #

17:25 When the mummy of Ramses II was sent to France in 1976, it was issued a passport. Ramses' occupation? "King (deceased)." (via @mental_floss) #

17:28 The Senate bill doesn't fund abortions, but here's why Stupak thinks it does. icio.us/ybedvm (via @MotherJones) #

17:32 Overwhelming evidence that superbugs a result of dosing farm animals with unneeded antibiotics: is.gd/9LuYf (via @AlterNet) #

17:34 LiveJournal Accused Of Redirecting Links, Swiping Affiliate Fees dlvr.it/65gH (via @techdirt) #

17:56 Rapportive Makes Gmail More Useful - bit.ly/cH7fiE - replaces ads w/ useful information about contacts #gmail (via @glynmoody) #

18:00 Tell pro-choice leaders in Congress to stand strong against abortion-coverage restrictions in #hcr! bit.ly/ceGr0X (via @NARAL) #

18:09 $1 million offered to anyone who can show why Toyotas accelerate unexpectedly. factlets.info/Toyota (via @factlets) #

18:16 delicious: Abortion Access Project: bit.ly/9tiSAZ #

18:27 Branded As Stupid bit.ly/bYwOnz (via @notalwaysright) #

18:34 Free ebooks correlated with increased print-book sales - bit.ly/9u5jC9 just as for music #ebooks #sharing (via @glynmoody) #

20:40 What the hell, Burn Notice? Did you get a new show runner? All new writers? Network interference? The new flavor of the show sucks! #

20:45 The Weakest Link Redux: how a DMCA takedown for one item can result in the removal of lawful material eff.org/r.2g8 #dmca (via @EFF) #

20:50 Do A Total Background Check On Yourself bit.ly/cNkVrb via #privacy (via @LossofPrivacy) #

21:33 WANT: bit.ly/97t1Lj #

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