a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

13:10 If you're not in HI, please don't look at the evac maps! Servers R getting jammed PLS RT!!! #hawaii #tsunami (via @DavidRozansky) #

13:16 US military spied on Planned Parenthood, civilian phone calls bit.ly/99JXGa #privacy (via @LossofPrivacy) #

15:16 PeTA Uses Tiger Woods to Advocate Spaying and Neutering bit.ly/aWxlYc (via @womanistmusings) #

15:20 US wants 2 raise passport fee 4 RFID costs. Tell them to drop RFID instead: bit.ly/bP0C00 #papersplease #travel (via @ehasbrouck) #

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