a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

23:10 OUCH! I whacked my finger on the door sill throwing the ball for the cat. Gonna bruise, probably. #

13:55 My head feels extra-full of sinuses today. #

14:27 60 minutes bloom box: energy for the future? bit.ly/asjHtF (via @CSMnational) This could be huge - I hope it's for real! #

16:56 Supreme Court: Does part of Patriot Act violate citizens' rights? bit.ly/bHTz6m (via @CSMnational) #

17:06 VA state Rep Bob Marshall said disabled children are God's punishment to women who choose abortion: bit.ly/bfNBXa #p2 (via @NARAL) #

17:09 U.S. Could Generate 37 Million GWh of Wind Power Per Year bit.ly/d4AxRz (via @ecogeek) #

17:26 How the US poisoned alcohol during Prohibition. Crazy. bit.ly/d8zBXI (via @MotherJones) #

17:57 Piracy Isn’t Killing The Movie Industry, Greed Is bit.ly/bQ5zd2 (via @torrentfreak) #

18:28 'Naps Make You Smarter' -- bit.ly/dgAlwz (via @mental_floss) #

18:31 Facebook Restores Accounts Of 3 Critics It Mysteriously Deleted dlvr.it/2Q0Y (via @techdirt) #

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