a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

23:53 Invention of Lying: loved it. #

13:12 The International Olympics Committee is a bunch of greedy, corrupt bullies: is.gd/8ObFe #IOC #olympics #greed #

13:17 Controversial Diabetes Drug Harms Heart, U.S. Concludes s.nyt.com/u/BNN (via @dermdoc) #

13:24 Utah bill would make having a miscarriage a punishable crime: is.gd/8Odfl #misogyny #pregnancy #

13:29 New York's small-town kangaroo courts: hives of abusive unchecked authority bit.ly/arjZEO (via @BoingBoing) #

13:38 Students created banana scented E. coli for the Intnat'l Genetically Engineered Machine Competition. factlets.info/BananaEcoli #

13:46 How Austrian Soldiers Saved the 1964 Winter Olympics -- bit.ly/a6Tjsr (via @mental_floss) #

13:51 26 yr old Omid Dana sentenced to death for chanting against Khamenei: is.gd/8LIPM #Iran #IranElection (via @IranRiggedElect) #

14:40 Clip from Blackpool - The Boy With the Thorn in his Side: is.gd/8Oua1 #

14:47 Now I'm totally having a Smiths moment. I love YouTube for when this happens. #

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