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00:08 Tonight's movie was Quantum of Solace. Daniel Craig is really bringing some awesome stuff to the Bond character. Looking forward to more. #

14:21 The investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks has formally concluded. bit.ly/aWgabE (via @TheJusticeDept) #

14:28 Babies With Laser Eyes - The Blog: is.gd/8K3KR(via @laughingsquid) #

15:28 ACCOMPLISHMENT! I called my doc's office, made an appointment, and got a refill called in! Phone phobia managed, at least for 1 call. :) #

15:48 Resistance to acknowledging rape culture? All about women's "tone", of course: is.gd/8KmJ9 #

16:14 I'm spending a little time today downloading free books from the Baen Free Library. Some good sci-fi/fantasy to be had: is.gd/8KssJ #

16:17 Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende. #

16:25 Has the U.S. Broken the Taliban’s Momentum?: bit.ly/9PbbF1 (via @dangerroom) #

16:34 Goodreads now blocked in #Iran is.gd/8JeO6 #IranElection (via @IranRiggedElect) #

16:44 Cancer revolution begins - blood test to spot cancer recurrence is start of personalised medicine bit.ly/caawz6 (via @newscientist) #

16:58 German pensioners kidnapped their financial advisor to recoup losses from last year. factlets.info/PensionBack (via @factlets) #

17:08 Protein responsible for forgetting has been identified & used to erase painful memories (IN FLIES) bit.ly/cuuBTI (via @newscientist) #

17:12 Wounded Career Soldiers Fights To Stay in Military: bit.ly/dCMfwe (via @MotherJones) #

17:14 Chemical-resistant superweeds. Thanks, Monsanto! rajpatel.org/2010/02/08/triffids/ (via @Danjite) #

17:18 Meditation for War Vets: is.gd/8KGxI (via @MindfullyChange) #

17:28 Inexpensive, off-road wheelchair will improve mobility, esp in developing areas: ow.ly/19eWS #mobility (via @Discovery_News) #

17:30 Calling 911? That'll Be $300 dlvr.it/2Dz2 (via @techdirt) #reallybadideas #

17:36 OK Supreme Court strikes down invasive abortion law as unconstitutional: bit.ly/9rIz6W #goodnews #prochoice (via @rhrealitycheck) #

17:40 A Compostable Plastic ow.ly/16Covp (via @GOODfeed) #

19:04 Banks scurry to ensure new regulations hit you, not them, where hurts: ow.ly/19c2w (via @MotherJones) #

19:11 Behold the Portable Carbon-filter Water Bottle ow.ly/16Cnps (via @GOODfeed) #

19:19 School District Says It Only Turned Spy Cameras On 42 Times; FBI Now Investigating dlvr.it/2FHd (via @techdirt) #

19:26 #TSA, #DHS unresponsive to complaints that their actions are illegal: bit.ly/c3RD1y #papersplease #travel (via @privacyint) #

19:36 Halliburton lobbied to poison drinking water, and got a pass: bit.ly/dmOdjp (via @MotherJones) #

21:36 Tonight's movie is a break from Bond: The Invention of Lying. #

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