a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

14:39 Locus voting idiocy punishes online voters and favors subscribers. tiny.cc/roQRj (via @fantasymagazine) #

14:46 NBC Continues To Do The Exact Wrong Thing When It Comes To The Olympics Online dlvr.it/1Zhy (via @techdirt) #

15:00 Research Shows Unauthorized Digital Books Leads To 'Significant Jump In Sales' dlvr.it/1ZHT (via @techdirt) #

15:09 Are emotions only skin deep? New research shows Botox injections may block anger, sadness. ow.ly/15qY4 (via @Discovery_News) #

15:15 The secret caves of Los Angeles' lizard people: bit.ly/ctOgPq (via @dangerroom) #

18:43 It's a shame that the people most in need of some STFU are the same people who cannot let an opportunity to be an asshat pass them by. #

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